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We transform and streamline your business ideas into a compact and user-friendly mobile app for both android and iOS.

Navigating the mobile-first era

Have you been ditched by the target audience due to the poor design of your mobile app? If the answer is affirmative, you have come to the right place! 3KITS mobile app designers in Hyderabad design and develop award-winning applications that are easy and intuitive for novice mobile users. Being a pioneer mobile app design company in Hyderabad, we help you get user's attention quickly by creating human-centric designs addressing the basic needs, purpose, and thoughts of your target audience.

Our mobile app designers believe in design-driven development which helps us deliver mobile apps that are loved by the users. Starting from conception to completion, refining your design strategy, outlining objectives, and sketching design prototypes, we work with our clients closely to deliver an engaging and unique user experience. With the help of passionate designers, we have managed to design mobile apps that tempt users to keep using your mobile app. Moreover, we keep your business specifications in mind to offer designs for your mobile app at the best cost ever.

Designing for the users

With profound expertise in custom mobile application design, our team ensures delivering highly scalable and usable designs for your mobile app. Moreover, mobile apps designed by 3KITS drive your business, build uninterrupted engagement, and boost your revenue.

Listen to the user. Your app design company in Hyderabad should be invested in understanding the needs of users, and how your app might meet those needs. Otherwise, there’s no reason to believe people will use it. When we build up an app for you, it gives you a simple way to present your products or services to your clients.

Design for user needs. Resonate with your customers and reinforce your brand by creating an intuitive app UI design where visitors feel emotionally connected. To appeal to the human senses, we create a subtle yet elegant, stylish, and beautiful interface.

Test with real users. Our UX designers identify the required changes and gather feedback from the users in order to improve enterprise mobile app performance and user satisfaction. We make sure the mobile app design helps you in achieving your business goals successfully.

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Our app designing process

Our approach to app design is creative, strategic, and focused on the user. From start to finish, our team is a partner for better digital experiences that are informed by research and careful testing.

Discovery + Strategy
Learning the landscape

Our team at 3KITS can help you build the app of your dreams. We'll start with an initial consultation to discuss your project in detail, including the timeframe and budget you have allocated for the project. We'll also need to know more about your industry, target audience, and features your app will have. Based on this information, we'll advise you on the best options available and provide a proposal outlining the mobile app design services we can provide to help you achieve your goals.


UX Design
Crafting the experience

Since the main objective of your mobile application is to cater to your customer's convenience, we, a mobile app designing company in India ensure that the User Experience of the applications we develop is smooth and lucid and blends in seamlessly with the operating system of the devices. It is only when an application exceeds the scope of functionality and foray into enhanced engagements, that it can be called an ultimate success.


User testing
Test, rinse, and repeat

Before deploying the application to the market, we run exclusive trials and testing for every aspect of the application and make sure they are all fully functional individually as well as with each other perfectly. Only after all the kinks are ironed out and all the glitches and misalignments dealt with do we give it a green signal for launch.


UI Design
Part of the brand

We specialize in developing high-quality, engaging mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Logo icons, themes and backgrounds, widget designs, screen transitions, animations, and the overall look of the application are tweaked and improved by us extensively to your satisfaction.

We believe that beauty and functionality should never be at odds. We know when to add design flourishes – and when to get out of the user’s way.


Deployment + Post-launch

Once we get approval on UX and UI mockups, your app enters development – another area of expertise of ours, and the final phase before launch.

Finally, your app is in the store – but the work isn’t finished. After assisting with the launch, our team is ready to support your app with marketing across major channels and dedicated technical support.

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