Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud hosting solutions in Hyderabad

3kits provides fully managed AWS cloud hosting for B2B & B2C eCommerce websites, enterprise and mobile applications that fits your business.

Improved Business Flexibility and Scalability with Highly Customized Cloud Hosting Solutions

What precisely is cloud hosting? Cloud hosting takes advantage of the networked computers that make up "the cloud," which can be accessed remotely through the internet from various locations and dispersed over a number of sites for data storage and processing capacity. Utilizing cloud resources, cloud hosting makes websites and apps available. Alternative hosting does not install solutions on a single server. Instead, the program or website is hosted by a network of linked physical and virtual cloud servers, guaranteeing higher adaptability and scalability. 

Whether you need high-availability, multi-server, multi-region solutions or something simpler like a single-server setup, we can assist in designing and developing the right architecture for your solution. We, the best cloud hosting company in Hyderabad, construct your budget, making sure you have adequate backups and a well-defined disaster recovery strategy.

Our cloud hosting services

  • All three major cloud service providers—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Cloud, and Microsoft Azure—offer services that we employ.
  • We always recommend that hosting accounts are in your name and paid for by you directly – so there is no doubt whatsoever over ownership. We then manage the account on your behalf for the duration of the Support and Maintenance contract
  • Given its dependability, scalability, and affordability, we advise using AWS for custom workflow applications, while we are as delighted to utilize any other hosting option if necessary. We'll talk about your unique needs and base our recommendations on them.
  • We will take care of any catastrophe and recovery circumstances and daily backups of all the data stored in the system and database application as part of the hosting plan.
  • Every server we maintain is watched closely at all times. When a server is under unexpected demand, Totally is notified, allowing us to take the appropriate action to prevent any issues.
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