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We help businesses generate more conversions with effective Google Ads and social media campaigns.

Show your ads to the right people - anywhere, anytime.

3KITS paid media experts to know how important it is to get paid media marketing right. We use an interdisciplinary approach to help organizations develop and achieve their goals. Our team works with you to facilitate each step of the process and ensure the success of your project. Our years of experience executing various marketing projects means we have the knowledge, tools, and skills to guide you through your ever-evolving digital advertising journey. We constantly collect and analyze data to measure our results and produce regular reports so that we can discuss how we can further optimize our business.

Our team values ​​honesty and transparency, and our means of communication are always open. We can treat your business as if it were our own. Identify, analyze, understand, and reach the right audience at the right time with multimedia channel strategies across the customer journey. Whether you're just starting to promote your message or looking to optimize your ROI, we, the leading paid media company in Hyderabad can help you improve your paid media performance from the start.

How to spot a true paid advertising partner

Effective advertising doesn’t happen by accident: it requires meticulous research, exceptionally creative, and near-perfect timing. Here’s what you should expect from a skilled advertising partner:

Data obsession. Digital advertising can be ineffective (and expensive) if the data doesn't drive your campaigns. Conversions only happen when your ad reaches the right audience in the right way at the right time. 

focused creative skill set. Creating ads for creativity doesn't get results. A true partner knows when to be creative and when to keep things simple. 

Ability to switch. When campaign results disappoint, agencies need to be able to react quickly by buffing their keyword lists, optimizing campaigns, revamping creatives, and more.

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Our paid media services

We leverage our data, design, and copywriting expertise to create ads that engage customers, boost brand visibility, and maximize your marketing dollars. 


Audience + Competitor Research
Pinpointing market opportunities

Researching your competitors before launching an advertising campaign is a must in developing a PPC strategy that leads to conversions. You need to know who your main competitors in paid search are and what makes them successful. Competitor advertising research shows how much effort it takes to stay competitive.

Through analytics, social listening, and other business data, our paid media experts narrow down your audience, understanding how their unique interests and online behavior will inform our channel selection and targeting. 


Campaign Creation
Setting up for success

Developing a PPC strategy that generates conversions requires researching your competition before commencing an advertising campaign. You must be aware of your top-paid search rivals and the factors that contribute to their success. Research on competitor advertising demonstrates the amount of work required to maintain competition. 


Search Engine Marketing
Boosting brand visibility

We employ search engine marketing to drive your business to the top of Page One—and front of mind—since users hardly ever scroll past the first page.

We generate targeted advertising, raise awareness of your company and services, and deliver content that encourages people to click, calls to action, and messages that establish credibility using keyword research and audience data. 


Social Media Advertising
Making friends and influencing people

Social media is a distinctive medium for paid marketing thanks to its sophisticated targeting capabilities, range of inventive formats, and low-cost features. Across all major social networks, our skilled team develops, monitors, and optimizes creative social marketing.


Display, Retargeting + Programmatic
Making a real impression

Display and retargeting keep you top-of-mind and take advantage of the massive reach of the most-read websites. Depending on our approach, we can conduct direct buys on specialized websites where your audiences are found, optimize ad buys on Google Display Network and other networks, and collaborate with programmatic partners to create experiences that are even more precisely targeted.


In-Stream YouTube Ads
Delivering richer brand experiences

Prepared to have a greater influence on your audience? Our creative team has years of experience making informative and entertaining YouTube commercials in a variety of forms.


Measurement + Reporting
Because data work is never done.

To establish benchmarks and assess success in relation to campaign objectives, we regularly evaluate KPIs. We pinpoint areas for improvement and make the required changes when advertising isn't working well.

We regularly report campaign performance gains and make suggestions for ways to improve them on a weekly or monthly basis, allowing us to redirect money to channels that perform better and increase the reach of our ads.

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