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Nobody likes the term consultant. And neither do we! It usually ends up with big fees, big PowerPoint packs, and a confused team. That’s why our marketing team members have abandoned their soul-destroying corporate environments and are putting their experiences to much better use here at 3KITS. We much prefer to think of ourselves as marketing directors for hire. We like to get stuck in, under the skin of your business, almost like ‘Undercover Boss’ to see how your marketing function currently operates, from the bottom up and back down again. 

We have the best marketing strategy in Hyderabad, are the fly on the wall in your business, and integrate ourselves directly within your teams to get a true understanding of how best to utilize opportunities and reduce risks and wastage. 3KITS the leading marketing strategy in India leverages our digital experience, analytics expertise, and creative talent to build marketing strategies that deliver exceptional results. In a landscape of disruption, our team blends the art and science of strategy, seizing opportunities through actionable insights and powerful storytelling.

How an effective strategic partner operates

Marketing strategically takes a team. It requires deep insights combined with a range of expertise. A strong marketing strategy partner. 

Takes a pragmatic approach. Strategies that don’t suit your organization or customers lead to lackluster results. By analyzing what’s possible for your brand now, your agency can discover the opportunities for what comes next. 

Prioritize resources. Target Marketing defines the most attractive segments, based on size, growth, benefit orientation, and internal fit. 

Deep customer insights. 3KITS helps companies establish a business mindset and approach for customer-centric growth activities, delivering direct consumer insight and relationships to chart new growth.

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Our marketing strategy process

Our experience in creating data-driven, journey-based marketing strategies enables us to serve clients effectively across a wide range of industries.


Data gathering + analysis

Data is at the heart of every marketing strategy. By pulling data from every available source – first-party data, previous campaign performance, competitor research, customer interviews, surveys, and more – we learn about your audience, identify challenges, and start to formulate ideas.


We may formalize and document our analysis as an audit that contains our key discoveries and takeaways.


Audience + Competitor research

Truly understanding the landscape you're operating in, where you fit within that, and how your competitors' products, services, and audiences stack up to yours is a vital element of your overall strategy. We can help you to adapt and overcome the market challenges through our in-depth research and analysis filter system.


Your competitors are hungry for the same customers. Our team’s competitive analysis surveys the landscape and starts identifying where your business can find the advantage.


Strategy development

Planning is a big task. Where does one even start? Well, here at Soup Creative we can help you to develop a well-crafted strategic marketing plan. From setting out your ambition and goals to identifying specific target audiences and routes to market we can help.


Determining budgets and allocating spending to the nitty gritty of implementation schedules our strategically minded yet creatively gifted team of enthusiasts can help you to create a robust plan in bitesize chunks so whether it's your junior apprentices or C-suite level employees, everyone knows their role, requirements, and value!


Channel planning

Whatever combination of paid, owned, and earned media channels we recommend, 3KITS the marketing strategy company in Hyderabad, uses data and experience to assess where your marketing will have its greatest impact. We’ll then produce a marketing plan for using each of those channels to its fullest.


Creative Brief

Turning your plan into action is one of the hardest stages to go through. Objectives are easy, but putting them into practice is another story. We can help you bring your marketing goals and tactics to life through priority plans and project schedules so that everyone on your team knows exactly what they are doing on a day-to-day basis.


We can even help the project manage each task and the time required if need be. No project is too big or too small for our team of highly experienced practitioners. We're different as we don't just instruct, we show.


Reporting & Growth

Our reporting processes of gathering, analyzing, and learning from activities are hugely important in informing and guiding meaningful future marketing decisions, strategies, and performances. Here at 3KITS, the best marketing strategy company in India, love data, as it takes the emotion out of decision-making.


Not only do we report through weekly 'reviews and previews' so you get up-to-date weekly activity audits, but we also build and provide live custom dashboards so at any point throughout a campaign you can pull out key data and information so that your finger is never off the pulse. Speak to any of our clients and we're sure they'll back us up when we say how great the value we add is through our reporting style.

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