Content Writing

Strong & Strategic Content Writing

Content writing is all about conveying the message in an engaging manner. If the writing is more robotic without a personality then we would have already lost your attention. For example, imagine if this piece was not written like a conversation with you and was just filled with a lot of keywords just for this site to rank higher in SEO would you still be interested in reading this through? Great copies and long form contents both are an art - even while writing a website - remember that your main objective is to Convey and Convince your audience about your product/services first and then only there is any point to people finding your sites on search engines.

Copy that Speaks in Your Customers’ Language

As mentioned earlier copies are the pulse of a brand. It is the medium for direct communication with your users and hence should have enough personality in it for your audience to be emotionally or intellectually interested in it. Once you catch their attention it is time to tell them the story in the most basic format. People do not engage with complex explanations and aggressive perusals - what they want is simplicity - something that would be easily understandable to anyone, save them some time and energy and would make them feel right about their choice of checking you out. In this increasingly fast paced and rapidly growing market you are most likely to get just one shot at making an impression with every potential customer - make it count.

Content Writing

Content Writing with Keywords Included

While we spoke personality earlier, relevance is also important. It is like a map that helps the customer find you and reach you in the midst of a jungle full of similar products and services. Keyword research is a key element while writing content for a website - because relevancy. Your audience is obviously using certain terms while making their searches and you need to make sure that your site can be found - otherwise that beautiful site will be lost in the shallow depths of the search engines. But that doesn't mean that you need to stuff your website with keywords with no meaning or forcefully. For example this site is full of relevant keywords but still written in a conversational manner where nothing seems out of place we’re sure. There are thousands of websites that sound the same because of this very reason - you can check yourself if you don't believe us. 3kits however would give you the content that feels personal to your brand which will convert to forming a connection with your audience.

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