Reducing Load Time Through Image Optimization
  • ON : 15 SEP 2016
  • IN : Featured

Time is priceless. So, each one of the entire human race tries to reduce wastage of time in every step of their life. Though there are numerous internet users who switch to broadband each and every year, a huge mass of the webs population is still continuing with the old dialup connections. Therefore it is imperfect to count them in the equation when you are about to design your website. A major point with this regard is the loading time of your website due to the dial up connections which users must be taken as an important cause.

Generally, the entire text on your website will be loaded just within a little time even in case of a dialup connection. But this does not happen in major cases as the main and foremost cause of slow loading is mostly because of the large images size on the website and it is necessary for you to maintain balance between the usage of images to attract users with the increase in overall loading time as unnecessary usage of large size image may hamper the loading time of your website. Thus you should be careful to optimize every image on your website to make it sure that it loads in the minimum time possible. What really meant over here is to use image editing software in order to remove unwanted information on your images which in turn will effectively reduce the file size of the image without affecting its overall appearance.

If you Photoshop personally, it will be very much clear to you that when you save an image in JPEG format then a dialog box appears asking to choose the ‘quality’ of the image. Generally a setting of 8 to 10 is enough to preserve the quality of the image while you are saving it in a small size file. There are various free image compressors are available online which you can download to use if you won’t have Photoshop to reduce file size of your image.

You also have another option where you can save the image in PNG format or GIF format so as to get the best quality at the minimum possible file size. What the editing software do? The image editing software clips and removes all the color information which is not used in the image, thus providing the smallest possible file size. But due to GIF format the appearance of the image may often compromise, so think a bit wisely before making your choice.

Thus to reduce loading time it will be better not to use unnecessary image in your website rather than using image editing software.

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