How To Build A Search Engine Friendly Website?
  • ON : 15 FEB 2017
  • IN : Featured

There is no denying that search engine optimization is very important for your website. Making your website up in the rankings takes lots of things to be perfect, or good than other. Having quality content, working backlinks, and structured website, and by paying attention to small things, one can make his/her website search engine friendly. You need to focus on these factors to get most out of your website.

Right keywords with right content
Using right keyword for an article is an art. Making it unique helps search engine to particularly search for your website when visitor enters it on a search engine. Keywords should be search engine friendly and also related to the content of the website. Don’t even think of spamming and using unnecessary keywords, which will make the quality of the content poor, which can directly increase the bounce rates, hence, making your websites’ rankings low.

Content should be well written with least grammatical mistakes. Visitor should be satisfied with the article about a particular keyword he/she has visited your website for. If your website fails to deliver good content, Google will automatically make your website way below the search by recording user signals. So keywords and content are both crucial for making your website search engine friendly.

Optimizing images
Have you ever realized that images can also help in making your website friendly for search engines? It can generate oodles of traffic without any extra effort. All you have to do is to upload and tag them in a correct way so that web spiders could search it easily and show them in the results. You can optimize them by reducing size without affecting the quality.

Website speed
Website speed has a great impact on increase in page views, conversions and revenue. Many major websites have conducted a test by increasing website loading speed and found that if loading time is decreased by 1 second, then the page views decrease by 11%. You can increase you website speed by minimizing html load time by having good hosting service, compressing bulky pages and generating cache in the visitor’s computer.

Structured website
Your website should be properly structured and have lots of backlinks in order to make to the search engine. Proper structure governs whether a visitor is going to stay on your website or not. Interconnected pages are the key to search engine friendly website. Your homepage should be about what your website is offering or why it is made.

Use mobile friendly layout as most of the page views are recorded by smartphones. Backlinks is crucial for a website ranking, and if they won’t load, you will be getting nothing but bounce rates and broken links. Visitors’ feedback plays important role in governing your ranking, and all that depends on the speed of your website.

Collectively, these factors lead to a well-structured, user friendly and good website. This will surely help you to make your website search engine friendly.