Pros and Cons of Minimal Navigation in Web Design

Today, one of the trendiest features on any website is minimalism! User Interface with minimalist design interferences is what is the latest taste of the viewers. The designers are putting in the best technology to make the websites simple approachable.

Minimal Navigation in Website Design:

In simple terms, minimal website design means keeping only the necessary items which have utility on the website and removing all unnecessary elements. The idea is to remove all the clutter from the website, which may distract the user. For example, the menu items must only contain the essential items in the list.

Minimal navigation on a website means that the navigation should be kept minimum and straightforward. Refrain from making the users performing unnecessary searching, clicking, or browsing on the website. Keeping the navigation simple can hold the user on the website for a longer time. 

But every useful feature comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Let us first begin with the advantages.

  • Less the merrier
    Since most of the web traffic today comes from mobile devices, it is vital to keep the information to the point as the user by nature will not scroll much on a mobile device. Seeing too many elements on the webpage may become frustrating for the user, and he/she may land up quitting from the website.
  • User find it easy
    Simple design makes navigation for the user extremely easy. With the least effort, the user can find the desired information on the website. It saves time and energy of the user.
  • Much fewer load times
    Since minimal design eliminates all the unnecessary from the website, the website loads amazingly fast. There is no overload on the server to load. Another benefit of keeping less content on the website is a permanent scope of expanding the information.
  • All scope of designing
    When the canvas is clean, the artist has the complete liberty to paint the way it wants. It brings in creativity, uniqueness, and scope of exploring new ideas without following any traditional design or template.
  • Approachable Call to Action button
    A clean website gives the best opportunity to have the call to action button in the most appropriate place. The placement and visibility play a vital role in getting conversions. The user must feel convenient to proceed acting on the call to action button.

Well, now let us talk about the disadvantages

  • Need for Navigation map
    Sometimes, users may not be aware of the different icons available on the website and may get lost on the page. Having a sitemap can help users can navigate through the website.
  • Eliminates other information
    Minimalism may lead to lesser content on the website, which means that only some of the total information is present on the website.
  • Less engagement
    When the content would be minimal, the engagement will also be less. For example, to make the web content minimal, there will be a higher usage of icons. These icons may not be familiar with everyone and will eventually create less engagement on the page.
  • Inefficiency in SEO
    With fewer words and content on the website, web robots may not understand what is given on the website. The scope to apply keywords also reduces, thereby leading to a low performing SEO.
  • Possibility of overdesigning
    When the content needs to be minimum, there will be more focus on graphics. The user may get lost in the web graphics and not be able to reach to the intended content.

Well, minimal navigation website design has given the developers a new room to explore more creativity and innovation. Though the journey is challenging yet offers a vast scope of opportunities. The disadvantages may be slightly disheartening, but the advantages take over the game.

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