Expert advice on choosing a domain name

An ambiguous and intricate address is always misleading, refrain from any such encouragement! One must clearly state the address if you want visitors to come and see you. Be it your home or your website! We all understand what home address is, but how many of us acknowledge the facts of the web address. Looks like very few! Well, this article is to make to familiar with the importance of domain name and how you should choose one to make your business more relevant.

Let us begin with the rudimentary knowledge required to choose a domain name:

  • Keep it Simple, Clear, Short, Memorable.
  • Use country code top-level domains (eg. .in for India)

Sometimes even keeping up with the above basic requirements, it becomes challenging to pick the right domain name for your business and purpose of the brand. To help overcome that, here are

Some expert tips for you:

  • Simple is always better
    Choose a domain which is easy to speak, remember and type. But this does not mean that you include slang words, or numbers, acronyms, etc. The domain name must be a legitimate one and not offensive.
  • Should have a purpose
    The domain name you wish you keep for your business must serve a purpose. For example, if the company is local to your city, you must include the city name in the domain. It makes it sound more relevant and relatable.
  • Original
    Never use a copyrighted, trademarked, penalized, or blacklisted name. It can create the most adverse effects on your business, name, and fame. Always stay original. Also, check for any name redundancy in any other language. Though this could be slightly tricky, it is essential as the consequences may lead you into a legal battle.
  • Extension is important
    Make use of the appropriate extension for your business. It would help if you do detailed research on domain name extensions before you finalize one.
  • Use the line of the brand.
    The domain name should coincide with the flavour of your brand. It should not be any random word which you like. I Instead, decide it on the line of your brand. An association with the name and work is essential.
  • Keep a vision
    When you are deciding upon the domain name, you should always remember your goal, which is to shape your business into a brand. Indeed, this dream does not get fulfilled overnight, but it is undoubted an investment of time, efforts, and strategies. You must focus on ensuring relevance and credibility in your work, and your domain name must resonate with the potential actions.
  • Need to act fast!
    Domain names are the fastest-selling entities in the world. You think about some domain name and the next moment you see it out of your hand. So, the first and foremost step which you must take is to buy the most relevant name you think. Since the domain names are not expensive, it is better to register your favourite domain names based on the availability. If the desired name isnt available, the domain name providers also suggest alternate names around your choice.


To keep it precise and clear, the bottom line of this article is to make a wise decision while choosing a domain name. This task needs keen attention and careful planning without taking it into a lighter account. The tips discussed above can create the perfect road map and help you in devising a simple plan for picking up the perfect domain name – a name which is memorable and worthy for everyone, speaks your business to the mass audience and tells the world about your existence.

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