13 Essential Optimization tips in Google My Business 2020

Businesses who are already into the online world are aware of optimization of website and Google Ads to accelerate the business and online presence. But sometimes, they miss out another crucial factor which is managing Google business profile. To help you understand better, let us begin with understanding what Google My Business means:

Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s tool that enables business owners to manage their online presence. It is most suitable for businesses seeking local exposure and visibility on Google. A profitable business profile must include the following elements:

  • Photos
  • Internal/External links and Backlinks
  • Appealing landing page
  • Contact Information
  • FAQs

Here is a practical guide to help businesses stay ahead in google search and achieve desired goals.

  • Create a Google My Business Account, using a Google account, for your business by providing all the necessary information on Google.com/business.
  • Complete the form by filling all the necessary information about your businesses, like name, physical and web address, contact details, hours of operation, etc. After that, you can start by filling information about your business category, products/services, questions/answers, posts, reviews, and others. Provide all accurate details.
  • Provide contact information in your business profile.
  • Give business description in the “from the business” section under “reviews”. Provide all information within the allotted character limit.
  • Choose a specific category to optimize your business profile. You can also keep a secondary category for your business genre.
  • Add attributes to describe your business further.
  • Provide photos as it tells about your active state and helps google to pick relevant images in search results. It also fosters engagement. Update this image section regularly.
  • Encourage customers to drop reviews as it creates a massive influence on the potential audience and brings in more engagement.
  • Engage in creating posts about events, announcements and offers on your business profile regularly. It will again increase customer engagement and keep your presence active.
  • Provide accurate and prompt answers to the questions sections before any other user gives misleading information.
  • Add your product and services for adding content to your business profile. It will help you to rank better. Also, provide name and product descriptions along with prices for easy reference.
  • Allow text messaging through the phone from your business profile, to add additional value to your customers. This feature will increase customer satisfaction which is the key feature for any business. But you will have to enable this feature explicitly in your GMB.
  • Have a solid Google My Business Strategy to maintain the business profile. To continuously your business profile, you need to update the information regularly, come up with new posts and content every few days, provide a steady stream of engagement from your customers, give on-time responses to questions and reviews, and others. 

Thus, businesses must ensure a well-optimized Google business profile for a sustainable business. Optimizing your Google business profile will undoubtedly lead to:

  • Better Customer engagement
  • Far Reach to the local market
  • Jump in local ranking
  • Higher conversion rates

For businesses to thrive in the digital world surrounded by intense competitors, one cannot take any risk to leave loopholes in the business strategy. Every mistake can create a toll in establishing an online presence and profitability to the business. Aligning business with Google My Business comes top on the priority in that case. Hope this guide of 13 extremely essential optimization tips for Google My Business 2020 help you streamline your online business profile and gives you a strong chance to stand ahead in the fierce competition.

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