Web Design
Creative design
Before we start any web design project we research the market and competition to make sure we target your preferred audience. This enables us to see where other companies are going wrong with their websites so that we can help to improve visitor interaction.

Clear call to actions
We know that you want results from your website, so throughout the design process we ensure that there are clear call to actions located throughout the website. These can be links to enquiry forms, key products and services or even as simple as a telephone number.

Hand coded
We do not use visual aids such as Adobe Dreamweaver to write the code, instead we do it all by hand. This ensures your website runs quickly, is error free and is search engine friendly.

Interaction design
We're always focusing on ways to improve visitor interaction when we design any website interface and we keep this at the top of our list.

Beautiful content
We like our websites to look good, that's why we insist on inserting your content. As your content is key to the success of your website, it needs to be laid out and styled in an easy to read format, so we ensure there are no more than 15 words per line with adequate line spacing and a clear, legible font.

Standards compliant
All our websites are built to the latest Web standards to ensure they are always up to date with current technologies. We build in such a way that the website's content is not hidden by code.

Thorough testing
We test the website throughout the life of the project on all the latest browsers on both PC and Apple Mac computers.

Go mobile
We can even design your website so it displays appropriately on mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

Content Management System
We always recommend integrating a Content Management System (CMS) into any website.

A CMS allows you to edit the content of your website whenever you wish via a simple web based administration area.

Blog / CMS
If you're looking at promoting your products or services regularly and are hoping to generate a following for your business, then you may be interested in writing for your own blog. We have the features available to allow you to maintain your own web blog via a CMS.